Garrison Artillery Volunteers

A display group whose passion is Royal Artillery of the 20th Century


The Group undertake a number of events each year. The table below gives our current bookings for 2023. 

This table is updated on an ongoing basis, so do check back regularly.

Landguard Fort

29th to 30th April

REME Museum
 Lyneham, Wiltshire
 May 2023

Report to the REME Museum to be briefed on the exciting story of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

Royal Coronation Salute
Royal Armouries
Fort Nelson
6th May

Wedding Salute

17th June

Bovington tank museum
23rd to 24th June

Chalke Valley History Festival
30th June - 2nd July
Broadchalke, Nr. Salisbury

The aim is to excite, enthral and entertain about the past. All proceeds from the festival have, since 2012, been directed to the Chalke Valley History Trust, which promotes the understanding of history to all ages, but especially children.

Leeds castle
8th July

Leeds Castle will once again play host to a spectacular open-air concert, bringing together world-class music and famous performers, before a spectacular Spitfire
fly-over from the Aero Legends Stable and fireworks finale!

We Have Ways Festival
8th - 11th September
Blackpit brewery, Silverstone 

Achtung! Achtung! Join us for 2022's biggest Second World War festival. There'll be top talks, rare hardware and enough alcohol to sink the entire British Naval Fleet

Military Odyssey
25th - 27th August
Kent showground Detling Kent

Take a journey through 2000 years of history. With groups covering a vast period of global history, including Romans, Vikings, Medieval, Napoleonic, the American Civil War, the Wild West, World Wars I & II, Vietnam right up to the present day.

Advance to the guns

7th October
Fort Nelson

Remembrance Day

             12th November            
  Fort Nelson

Remembrance Day

12th November  

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