Garrison Artillery Volunteers

A display group whose passion is Royal Artillery of the 20th Century

If you are interested in booking the Garrison Artillery Volunteers for your event, please get in touch as soon as possible.


The Garrison is always looking for new and interesting events. We pride ourselves not only on our authenticity and historical accuracy but also on our ability to deliver what an organiser wants. The group membership includes qualified museum curators, as well as published military historians, and their expertise helps the group look and feel 'right'. We also have members with a vast amount of event organising experience, which is a considerable asset when working with you to create your event.  

We can be contacted at the following addresses:

Events Co-ordinator

David Browne (email)

General Enquiries/Troop Adjutant
Tracey Brigstock (email)

Membership Secretary

Tracey Brigstock (email)