Garrison Artillery Volunteers

A display group whose passion is Royal Artillery of the 20th Century

First World War Kit List: Basic clothing & Equipment: The Royal Field Artillery, Home Service & the Western Front.


The basic Active Service uniform was a combination of the Officers '02 Pattern Service Dress & Breeches, all of superior cut & quality to the OR's uniform. In 1914 it consisted of the following:

  • '02 Service Dress Cap, with the RA Gun/Crown/Cipher bronze badge & brass RA buttons.
  • '02 Service Dress Jacket, with RA buttons, RA bronze Collar Dogs & RFA brass shoulder titles, with all rank displayed in cloth badges on the sleeve cuffs (edged & scalloped at the closure, with herring-bone pattern khaki tape).
  • Breeches, Bedford Cord with Braces
  • Khaki Shirt & Tie
  • Field Boots (Knee length brown leather) or
  • Ankle Boots (brown leather) & Puttees (wrapped from knee to ankle)
  • Sam Brown Belt, Spurs & Gloves, brown leather